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Main Services

Rotables Management Solutions

At iWings Aviation, we maintain an extensive inventory of rotable components to meet diverse customer needs. Our exchange solutions, including Flat Exchange and Exchange Plus Cost models, ensure value for money while satisfying varying requirements. We meticulously uphold the highest modification standards and integrate the latest product enhancements to enhance on-wing performance and reduce unforeseen expenses.

Expert Repair Services

Our dedicated team specializes in the repair management and vendor management of rotable components. Leveraging economies of scale, we negotiate favorable pricing and guaranteed turnaround times with major OEMs and independent repair companies to ensure component reliability and quality.

Component Lease and Rental

iWings Aviation offers flexible component leasing and tool rental options, supported by a vast inventory for prompt global distribution. By minimizing downtime and ensuring continued availability with short turnaround times, we help clients avoid costly depreciation while maintaining the highest modification standards.

Efficient Logistics Solutions

As your trusted aviation partner, we ensure the safe and timely delivery of avionics, rotables, hazardous chemicals, consumables, and engines within anticipated budgets and schedules. Collaborating with leading logistics service providers worldwide, we uphold our reputation for reliability and excellence.

Surplus Parts Management

Through our custom inventory program, iWings Aviation helps clients maximize profits by selling surplus inventory at higher margins. Our experienced sales team successfully trades excess inventory, ensuring reliability and quality to enhance on-wing performance and minimize technical expenses.

Inventory Consignment Services

We offer inventory consignment services to ensure the safe delivery of aviation components while maintaining budgetary constraints and schedules. Collaborating with top logistics service providers globally, we negotiate favorable pricing and turnaround times with major OEMs and independent repair companies to guarantee component reliability and quality.

At iWings, we recognize the importance of delivering the Right Component at the Right Time, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our services.

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We understand the significance of providing the Right Component at the Right Time

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